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Tulips Bouquet

The beauty and grace of a simple Tulips means effect, enduring love between partners or family, Undying passionate love, loyalty and a regal nature, abundance, prosperity. Tulips offer a basic cup shape that shows off the sides of the petals. It's meaning on its color. For example: yellow Tulip to someone means you love them, red is the color of passion and perfect love, don't send a red color tulips to a family member, it will be sending the wrong message, Purple Tulips is tied to royalty, but also abundance and prosperity, is less intense affection and love, and also offers a more appropriate choice for friends and family. flower shop provided those colors of tulips, flowers are fresh arrival from overseas supplier everyday. Tulips normally can last a week if keep it in the cool place, it will bloom very beauty if put in in the warm place, but it only can keep 2-3days.

Sunny Yellow Tulips
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Brand: Hong Kong Flowers Supplier Model: HKF-2906
Sunny yellow tulips are a sure sign of spring. Even if the weather is not cooperating, you can be sure the person who receives this bright bouquet will feel the warmth of your message. Dazzling yellow tulips are delivered in an exclusive glass vase that is all wrapped up with a hat else bright yello..
HK$770.00 HK$700.00
Brand: Hong Kong Flowers Supplier Model: HKF-3587
15 Stems Mix Color Holland Tulips Boquuet ..
HK$800.00 HK$740.00
Tulips on Salix Frame, 9 Tulips and 12 Roses
-13 %
Brand: Hong Kong Flowers Supplier Model: HKF-3037
Tulips on Salix Frame, 9 Tulips and 12 Roses..
HK$770.00 HK$670.00
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