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Vase Arrangement

Sending vase arrangement can use for different purposes, for example, birthday, get well, anniversary or other occasions; can put it in the home or office. Our flower shop provided variety shape of vase, for example, square and round vase,tall and short shape, all shapes of vase can arrange different types of flowers in the arrangement like roses, lilies, gerberas, tulips and other seasonal flowers. Send a right meaning of arrangement to make sure receiver get the right message from you is very important. e have enough stock on each color of flowers as all the flowers are fresh which arrival from oversea supplier everyday. Our flower shop can arrange the same day delivery, so you can place the order online in the same day as well for any event or purpose.

Brand: Hong Kong Flowers Supplier Model: HKF-3470
Mixed Chrysanthemum and Gerbera Bouquet..
HK$600.00 HK$570.00
Brand: Hong Kong Flowers Supplier Model: HKF-3469
Mixed Spray Rose and Chryssie Bouquet..
HK$600.00 HK$570.00
My Dream come True
-10 %
Brand: Hong Kong Flowers Supplier Model: HKF-2814
6pcs Carnation in Red color with 6pcs Purple Roses and Purple color forget me not arrange with pink color flowers in a Round Vase..
HK$820.00 HK$740.00
Nature Selection
-17 %
Brand: Hong Kong Flowers Supplier Model: HKF-2849
A Vase arrangement with Taiwan Orchids, Sun Flowers, Red Lily and Greeny...
HK$870.00 HK$720.00
Brand: Hong Kong Flowers Supplier Model: HKF-2674
One Dozen Pink Color Roses with Fillers in a Glass Vase..
HK$640.00 HK$600.00
One Dozen Rainbow Roses in Vase
-41 %
Brand: Hong Kong Flowers Supplier Model: HKF-3544
One Dozen Colourful Rainbow Roses in Vase arrangement, Please order 3 working days in advance since it come from Holland ..
HK$1,708.00 HK$1,000.00
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